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Copyright © 2020 Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust

Crafted by: Pink Lemonade Communications Pvt. Ltd.

RVIM is steered at producing opportunities that are ample students that may help them to master beyond the curriculum, class, and campus. We concentrate on nurturing skillsets that are demanded because of the industry ?— critical thinking, problem-solving, analytics, worldwide orientation, choice generating, and even more. RVIM highly thinks in attaining quality after all fronts, to be able to develop a generation of thought leaders.

Programme Academic Goals

  • Enable graduates to show effective decision-making, intellectual flexibility, problem-solving ability, and adaptability into the changing environment that is global
  • Boost students’ abilities for innovating, beginning new ventures that are entrepreneurial being lifelong learners with multidisciplinary research aptitudes
  • Help pupils think critically, communicate effortlessly, show analytical skills, and imbibe healthier teamspirit and leadership characteristics
  • Inculcate professional values, social sensitiveness, ethics, and integrity
  • Encourage pupils become international citizens and add towards comprehensive development and sustainable development of the culture

Programme Results

  • Enhance the knowledge on administration theories and techniques to resolve company dilemmas
  • Enhance analytical and abilities that are critical-thinking data-based decision-making
  • Instil leadership that is value-based
  • Develop abilities to comprehend, analyse, and communicate international, financial, societal, social, appropriate, and ethical components of organizations
  • Train students to lead with synergy and attain goals that are organisational
  • Enable pupils to recognize work at home opportunities, framework revolutionary solutions, launch start up business ventures, or perhaps an intrapreneur
  • Empower learners to manage modern problems utilizing an approach that is multi-disciplinary assistance from advanced level management plus it tools
  • Impart knowledge and skills to create competencies inside their particular areas that are functional
  • Improve capabilities to take part in research and development make use of cognitive freedom
  • Boost knowledge of social obligation to subscribe to the development and development for the culture
  • Develop negotiation and communication abilities to operate efficiently as people as well as in groups

Mr. A. V. S Murthy

Hon. Secretary, RSST

Our eyesight would be to give quality education at a cost that is reasonable all core procedures and develop international leaders that are confident, ethical, smart, and involved in every area of life. We celebrate youth and transform them into grownups with a feeling of social obligation, humane values, and concern when it comes to environment.

Dr. M. K Panduranga Setty


Rashtreeya Vidyalaya (RV) organizations are in the forefront among providers of quality training in the continuing state of Karnataka. Our organizations have now been supplying possibilities, specially to pupils who will be differently-abled and/or hail from an economically weaker back ground, to satisfy their desires With increased than 23 organizations underneath the umbrella of Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust, we’re contained in virtually all spheres of academics.

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