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AGENCJA INNOWACJI oraz Partnerzy to zespół fachowców pomagających w pozyskaniu bezzwrotnych dotacji z UE. Analitycy i specjaliści od zarządzania wprowadzą Twoją Firmę na wyższy poziom.

Podnosimy wartość firm poprzez kompleksowe i profesjonalne wsparcie procesów handlowych. Szczególną uwagę przykładamy do wysokiej jakości świadczonych usług.

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Loan terms.Choose services and products and spot them into the cart .

  • Select the re payment technique – LOAN.
  • Fill the shape .
  • Get a note through the web-shop administrator ( frequently inside a time ).
  • Receive your purchase in just one of the “Gandrs” stores or courier that is using ( you will have to show an ID).
  • Shopping in “Gandrs” stores

  • Choose items.
  • Go directly to the shop-assistant and form the L oan A greement (15-30 min) .

    In this paper are employed terms that are following

    Creditor – SIA “AIZDEVUMS.LV”;

    Guarantor – a physical individual who, whenever publishing the mandatory documents and signing the surety agreement, provides a warranty for the customer’s responsibilities underneath the credit contract;

    Loan – money loan, loan for buying SIA “GANDRS” goods;

    Application – application for getting the Loan;

    Crediting Agreement – agreement for providing the mortgage.

    1. General terms

    1.1. Loans are given to consumers aged 18 or over – with or without having a Guarantor, with regards to the consumer’s earnings as well as other circumstances. Requisite of the Guarantor is dependent upon the Creditor.

    1.2. The feasible Loan quantity is from 100.00 EUR (a hundred euros, 00 cents) to 4500.00 EUR (four thousand five hundred euros, 00 cents).

    1.3. The possible Loan term is from 3 (three) to 60 (sixty) months.

    1.4. The mortgage terms (Loan quantity, payment duration, interest rate, payment cost amount as well as other terms) are dependant on the Creditor.

    2. Filling the Application For The Loan

    2.1. The customer (if necessary, the Guarantor) shall perform one of the following activities in order to apply for a loan

  • fills the application form on “GANDRS” Ltd. website (, which will be synchronized with Creditor’s online system;
  • fills the application form in just one of “Gandrs” Ltd. trading points;
  • provides “Gandrs” Ltd. worker along with necessary data so your employee can fill the application form when you look at the creditor’s online system.
  • 2.2. In the event the client requires a Guarantor, a member of staff of “GANDRS” Ltd. notifies your client that the Guarantor needs to fill out the Application indicating the individual whose responsibilities the Guarantor would like to guarantee. The application form must be submitted either to SIA “GANDRS” or even to the Creditor. In case of a loan being awarded, the Crediting loan is concluded at “Gandrs” Ltd. upon arrival for the Guarantor who may have to signal the agreement of guarantee.

    2.3. After getting the program “GANDRS” Ltd. worker:

  • Advises the client on completing the Application and the ongoing solutions made available from the Creditor;
  • verifies the identification for the consumer (if required using the Guarantor) relative to what’s needed referred to in Clause 5 of this Terms, and compares the information regarding the identification document utilizing the data presented into the Application;
  • during the Creditor’s demand, delivers a signed Application, a copy for the recognition document, the Guarantor’s Application and a duplicate of their recognition document by email.
  • 3. Consideration associated with the Application For The Loan

    3.1. The Creditor considers the program not much longer than 2 (two) times through the date of its receipt and notifies “Gandrs” Ltd. additionally the Client in regards to the decision taken. Feasible kinds of decisions:

  • Approve the Application fully or partly;
  • Demand a guarantor (-s);
  • Demand information that is additional documents through the consumer;
  • Reject the application form;
  • Stop processing the application form.
  • 3.2. Just in case the Creditor demands extra papers, such as for instance a workplace certification, pensioner certificate or virtually any papers following the Application happens to be prepared, a worker of “Gandrs” Ltd. has got the directly to request the mandatory papers through the customer and send copies to your Creditor.

    4. Summary associated with the Crediting Contract

    4.1. An employee of “Gandrs” Ltd. ascertains whether the agreement is concluded with the person who has submitted the Application before signing the crediting agreement.

    4.2. As soon as the customer finds “Gandrs” Ltd. trading customer or point service center “Gandrs” Ltd. worker:

  • makes a duplicate associated with the client’s recognition document. Customer’s pre-prepared copies are perhaps maybe not accepted. The content must are the customer’s photo, title, surname, personal No., document quantity, authority, termination date. In the copy the customer/Guarantor makes a note “The content is designed for distribution to “” Ltd.” and indicates his title, surname, signature and date. The goods at the online shop, it is permissible to use a copy of the identification document provided by the customer, but the goods are handed out only after the customer has presented the original document which corresponds to the submitted copy in case the client purchases
  • The guarantee Agreement (if required) in 2 (two) copies and invoice in 2 (two) copies from the online system prints the Crediting Agreement in 2 (two) copies
  • hand up to the client therefore the guarantor all copies of this Crediting Agreement, the Guarantee contract therefore the invoice. The consumer and the Guarantor must signal every page for the Crediting Agreement or Guarantee Agreement and decipher signatures on all pages (it’s forbidden to make use of a stamp for deciphering the signatures).
  • The customer and the Guarantor receive one copy of the Agreement after signing the agreements.

    5. Regards to man or woman’s recognition

    5.1. Recognition calls for the first of the identification or passport card of a resident for the Republic of Latvia or even a non-citizen of this Republic of Latvia, whose term of credibility is certainly not lower than 5 (five) times through the date of signing the Crediting contract.

    5.2. a permanent residence license released because of the workplace of Citizenship and Migration Affairs regarding the Ministry of Interior associated with the Republic of Latvia can be used for recognition of foreigners or stateless individuals. The license is legitimate being a recognition document along with a document on such basis as that your permanent residence license happens to be given and its own validity duration is certainly not smaller compared to Loan repayment period.

    5.3. The customer must submit the original identification document as part of the identification process. Whenever identifying a customer, a member of staff of “Gandrs” Ltd. checks the legitimacy amount of your client’s individual document, aesthetically compares the client because of the image regarding the document that is personal verifies whether or not the man or woman’s name and gender suggested into the document correspond into the customer’s gender and perhaps the document holder’s height (if any) corresponds more or less towards the customer’s height.

    5.4. Papers which can be considered to be invalid, faulty papers, documents with modifications, and documents offering increase to suspicion of forgery aren’t accepted for recognition.

    5.5. The identification procedure described in this part can also be fully relevant to your identification process that is guarantor’s.

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