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Information reports and blog sites on innovation awards

A page that is separate educational and other technical documents and reviews on awards can be obtained here:

Information Reports and Blog Sites on Innovation Prizes

General articles on awards

2008 25 january. Tim Harford. “Cash for answers.”

2007 February 1. Tapscott, D. and Williams, A. “Innovation into the chronilogical age of Mass Collaboration.”

1886 April 3. “The Patent Bills Before Congress.” Scientific American, v 54 (ns), no 14, p 208.

Rewards for medical technology

2008 March 9. Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt. “Bottom-Line Philanthropy.” This New York Days Magazine.

2007 14. Edwards Pushes Prizes Over Patents for Drugs november. The Wall Street Journal Health Blog.

2007 November 12. James Love. Would money awards promote inexpensive drugs? This New Scientist

2007 November 6. Avery Johnson. whom Mulls Patent Changes and Prizes for Required Drugs. The Wall Street Journal Wellness Weblog.

2007 18. Amy Dockser Marcus september. Will Sharing A Few Ideas Advance Cancer Analysis? The Wall Street Journal.

2007 June 14. Ezra Klein. John Edwards vs. patents that are pharmaceutical. Tomorrow’s Media Conspiracy Today.

2007 14 june. Ezra Klein. Clarity in the Edwards Patents Proposal. Today Tomorrow’s Media Conspiracy

2007 14 june. John Edwards’ campaign. Reforming medical care making it Affordable, Accountable, and Universal. Fact sheet on John Edwards’ healthcare plan.

2007 Might 29. James Prefer. Prize4Life. KEI

2007 Might 27. James Prefer. The Mprize. KEI

2007 May 23. James Prefer. The Gotham Prize. KEI

2007 May 23. Peter Pitts. Is Chunky Monkey An Obvious Combination|combination that is obvious}? The United States Spectator.

2007 March. Joseph Stiglitz. Prizes, Maybe Not Patents. Venture Syndicate.

2006 23 december. Joseph E Stiglitz. Scrooge and intellectual home liberties. British Medical Journal.

2006 9. Ben Krohmal november. Peter Pitts on Prizes. CPTech

2006 September 16. Joseph Stiglitz. Innovation: A better means than patents. Brand New Scientist.

2006 12. Rob Carlson september. “Vaccine Developing as Foreign Policy.” Synthesis: An Open Notebook.

2006 22 june. Wessel, D. “Using M.B.A. Drive to Speed an ALS Cure.” Wall Street Journal On The Web.

2006 April 18. Scott Woolley. Prizes maybe not Patents. Forbes Magazine.Argues for a U.S. innovation that is medical system and defines advantages of US consumers.

2006. Joseph Stiglitz. Offer Prizes not Patents. New Scientist.Proposes a worldwide prize investment|prize that is global} covered by industrialized countries that will reward brand new medication and vaccine developments on such basis as their health effect. Argues that making use of such a prize system in place of deaf dating online patent monopolies could be ‘more efficient and much more equitable.

1994 February 20. “The Prize.” New York Occasions, Health Section.

Transportation rewards

Technology rewards

2007 12. Associated Press november. Google Offers $10M in Computer Software Prizes. The Chicago Tribune.

2006 March 17. Maya Roney. “Mac, Meet Windows.”

February 2003 26. John Sundman. “synthetic stupidity.” Salon.

Rewards for the environment and energy that is clean

2008 February 5. Ronald Bailey. “A 10-Year Energy Plan?: Techno-optimistic environmentalists nevertheless stuck with old-fashioned, top-down thinking.” factor Magazine.“Since the issue is diffuse, a definitely better strategy is always to encourage endeavor capitalists along with other entrepreneurs to invest in brand new low-carbon power development, in place of a centralized top-down crash research system directed by Department of Energy bureaucrats. One technique that is promising to supply significant rewards for power production or utilization breakthroughs.”

2008 28 january. Gingrich, Newt and Maple, Terry. “Let the Areas Work.” The Brand New Republic.“A reward of $1 billion would help our country sprint to a hydrogen economy and significantly speed our movement up towards a domestically produced type of clean, sustainable power.”

2007 May 27. James Prefer. The H-Prize. KEI

2007 Might 21. Edward L. Glaeser. A road map for environmentalism. The Boston Globe.

Miscellaneous awards

1999 March 23. “Prize Money Propels Record-quests .” CNN Downlinks with Miles O’Brien.

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