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Android os’s management of SD cards is fairly complex. Right right right Here we describe how-to handle your map files for a secondary storage places.

We will break this on to two components: starting the sdcard, and copying the maps. If you’d like to duplicate a chart into the unit’s inner memory, you are able to miss out the area about SD cards.

Establishing within the sdcard

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If you use Android os variation 6 or later on, we advice making use of Adoptable Storage, when your device supports it. This permits you to definitely format the card as an “Internal” to device. Once you try this the card is not any longer detachable, and you also must ensure that is stays set up into the unit. There are numerous drawbacks, but this does conquer almost all of the problems connected with using Memory-Map from a facts. The maps can be copied by you into the card by plugging the product as a computer.

Always power-off these devices or inform these devices it to unmount (or eject) the card before you eliminate an SD Card.

This is certainly real for house Windows along with Android os. Never ever simply pop on a card without asking the operating-system to flush any unsaved information to your card.

If you use A sd that is removable cardmaybe not followed as interior), know that the utmost file dimensions supported by the card is probably restricted to 4GB. Maybe you are in a position to format the card having a file that is different, but it is not supported on numerous Android os products. smooth topo maps in Memory-Map are as much as 30GB in proportions, and thus plainly they are maybe not likely to work with A fat32 that is regular sdcard. You should use the PC that is memory-Map’s “Export Map Area” component to export lots of areas, making certain the result is under 4GB.

Keep in mind that when partial QC3 map file is kept on facts, the Memory-Map software will not to able grab more data to enhance that chart. Therefore be sure you possess map that is complete have installed of map you need on your personal computer before going the map data to your facts.

We advice making a folder known as “Download” when you look at the source folder regarding the card, and creating a folder known as “Memory-Map” inside the Grab folder. On some devices Memory-Map software has the capacity to immediately get a hold of maps kept in the /Download/Memory-Map folder. The folder brands are case-sensitive.

Copying the Maps

Initially ensure you have the free Memory-Map app set up on the Android product (from Bing Enjoy shop),

Operate the application to initialize the no-cost basemap.

For a Computer, maps are usually put in within the C:\Maps folder

The data you need to duplicate could have the *.qct, *.qc3 and *.mmi file extensions. The file kind might be shown on your personal computer as “Memory-Map QuickChart”. *.qed files tend to be .

The standard area maps becoming installed from inside the software Memory-Map folder which can be when you look at the Downloads folder on the product default storage ( /Download/Memory-Map ). This area when you look at the integral storage could be the place that is best maps. When there is space that is enough memory, copy the maps through the Computer for this folder.

If you have maybe not enough room in the interior memory, copy the maps through the Computer to your /Download/Memory-Map folder from the facts.

There are numerous methods to duplicate files from the Computer to a android os product or sdcard. You need to use Microsoft windows File Explorer, or even a access that is remote from the phone. Contact your product provider when you have dilemmas literally copying the data.

After copying the files, place the facts when you look at the Android os unit (in the event that you removed it), and restart the product (hit and contain the energy option, and Restart)

Performed Memory-Map immediately discover maps?

After rebooting, operate the Memory-Map application from the Android os unit

Tap the Maps switch from the toolbar to the top, or tap Menu, Maps

Touch Maps Every-where.

Tap Map Types, and allow all the detailed types.

In the event that maps today arrive into the record, Yea! You’ve got successfully copied the chart!

Establishing the “map files” establishing therefore Memory-Map will find your maps.

We now have unearthed that alterations in just how Android os opens up files is currently just giving the app a copy that is internal of chart, in the place of starting the file in-place. There clearly was, nevertheless, a fallback: it is possible to develop a text file telephone call “map_folders.txt” within the Download/Memory-Map that is internal folder. This file should include the paths that are additional the software should seek out maps. Whenever you’ve got developed this file, restart the Memory-Map application.

  1. Close all applications (or press-and-hold energy button and restart)
  2. Install the FX File Explorer software through the Enjoy store (no-cost)
  3. In FX file explorer, navigate into the folder containing your files that are qct the sdcard.
  4. Touch the 3 dots menu option at top right, and faucet the data symbolization (top right).
  5. Within the information web page, touch another three dots selection option at top right, and tap Copy route
  6. Today, tap the relative Back switch and, however in FX File Explorer, touch the house key, install, Memory-Map.
  7. Touch the Menu (three dots), and Under brand new, faucet File.
  8. enter the file title “map_folders” and faucet Text (the title modifications to map_folders.txt) then complete
  9. This starts the file that is empty. Touch the Edit symbol (pen)
  10. Tap-and-hold in the empty blue an element of the display screen and Paste (this goes into the file that is full path to your qct folder) should begin with a / and include a series of folder brands separated by /. As an example “/storage/AAD4-5B25/Download”. It ought not to end through a /.
  11. Touch Menu, Save. Back once again to leave the editor. at this point you have text file call “map_folders.txt” within the inner Download/Memory-Map folder, containing the routes that the application should look for maps.
  12. Launch Memory-Map (it should have now been formerly ended, maybe not simply placed to sleep)
  13. Tap Maps, Maps every-where, then Map kinds, allow all types.

If you should be having difficulty copying , try this:

  • In FX file explorer, navigate into the folder containing your qct data on the sdcard.
  • Go up one degree and tap-and-hold in the folder containing your qct information.
  • Touch Copy at the very top

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